I was reading through some old myspace *cough cough* posts from a little over a year ago… it’s strange how I am back in the SAME place…again…yeah, again.

It read:

“I’m at a place again where I am ready to move out of the country. Europe would be nice or maybe even Africa. Somewhere different.  Somewhere more simple. I think getting rid of all of my belongings and moving to a simple little village or town would be amazing. Maybe I could even live in a hut; that would be nice.

Last night at small group we were talking about God’s will for each of us. I can say that each day my heart desires more and more to serve God alone. What does this mean for me? Does it mean picking myself up and moving to a new far away place, or does it simply mean loving the people around me like tomorrow is my last day. I think both. It doesn’t matter where the Lord takes me; it’s what I do with my time that matters.”


I was not created to live such a stable life.


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