I went out dancing Friday night…

I forgot how much I LOVE dancing.  This place was different.  It wasn’t the “bump and grind and then take your new friend to bed” kind of a place.  People just danced. Girls weren’t letting it “all hang out” and the boys didn’t try to cop a feel.  It was good clean fun. I woke up Saturday morning with sore legs.  I danced all night long.  I might go back.  No, I will go back.

Other news,

I think I am FINALLY getting back into the industry of making people look awesome.  Yes, kids, I am again dabbling in the hair styling/make up artistry career that once fit me so snuggly.

2 words.  Paul Mitchell.  They will take me anywhere I want to go… including my big move to New York or my venture to Europe.  Ahh.  The sound of figuring my life out is pleasing.

It has taken me 22 years.  About damn (cough cough…) excuse me “darn” time.


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