It’s simple, really

I love people…homeless people to be more direct.  Every year I venture up to Ohio to live/work in a shelter for a week.  Every year I leave more in love.  This, along with music is what makes my heart beat.  I go there to serve, yet they choose to serve me.  It amazes me that those with little serve with much.  Sadly, I cannot go for the entire week, but I’m hoping to make it down town ATL to visit my other homeless buddies.

On another note:

I have an appointment with Paul Mitchell on Friday! I am a LITTLE excited!  God willing, Feb. 22 is the big day!  I was born to be a hair stylist…it’s in my blood.  I know all of my friends are rejoicing that I have chosen to make my way back into a salon.

By the way, I play piano now.  Yeah, random.  One day I sat down at a piano and I started playing.  For Months and Months I have worked at perfecting my guitar skills but have not succeeded!  The piano is beautiful.  There is such a purity behind it.  Playing and singing make me come alive.  Something in me stirs and sounds arise.  If I could somehow mix music, investing in homeless people and hair styling together I could live an amazing life.  Oh, and traveling….from place to place.

I think I’m going to start praying for that…for some direction.

I love you friends.  Thanks for being so amazing.  You are more dear to me than you’ll ever know.


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