Confession 1

I’m so selfish.

I am SO selfish.

I will not boast in anything; no gifts, no power, no wisdom

but I will boast in Jesus Christ

His death and resurrection  

My flesh and spirit are in constant battle. I don’t want to live this way. I want to live completely sold out.  I desire with everything in me to be selfless.  Is that even possible? Jesus was selfless.

I spend too much time concerned with myself.  Everything fades away, but Jesus is unconditional.

An unhealthy tree has to cut down to a small trunk in order to grow strong and bare prosperous fruit. 

That is a prefect picture of my where I am right now.  He is chizzling away all of the ugly and dead fruit so that I can grow according to His perfect will for me.

It hurts, but it has to happen.

God, I pray that you would strip my pride from me.  I beg you.  Make me more like Jesus.


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