Big Families

I really want a BIG family…I always have.  It’s just my mom and my brother on Christmas Eve.   Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE them, but there is just something about a BIG family.  Maybe that is why I have always desire to have 6 children. Yes people I said 6.  3+3… 6 CHILDREN!  I mean, seriously, God gave me lovely child baring hips for a reason.  I might as well use them, right?  Maybe one day.  I’m just 22.  I calculated it out…I need to start having children at 24…have one a year and I’ll be done by the time I’m 30.  HA…I’m kidding.  God’s timing…God’s desire.  Whatev. I just want a BIG family.  Maybe I watched too many brady bunch shows growing up.  I don’t know.

Maybe I’ll marry into a family where there are 40 brothers and sister.  That would suffice.

Maybe I can just stay unmarried and raise a lot of cats as my children.  That would be interesting.

Maybe I should put it in God’s hands and let Him decide how many children I have.  Good idea.

Merry Christmas friends!!! I love you all VERY much.


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