Rearrange me

The last couple of days have been spent really listening to the Lord…learning to again.  Sometimes I forget to do that.  A lot in my life is about to change…relationships are beginning to slowly fade away(which can be a good thing) and I am yearning for brokenness.  I used to be afraid of brokenness.  Now, I earnestly seek and pray and for it.  You can’t be fixed if you’re not broken.

Merciful Jesus, come and rearrange me.  Change that in me that isn’t of you.  Break my heart.  Burn away the dross.  Do whatever it takes.  I am yours…completely yours.  I remember what it was like being utterly speechless at the thought of you…I want to be there again.  I want to be more like you.  I want to love you with everything in me.  I give you what is left of me…if anything.


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  1. Helen Litchfield

    I was looking for someone to rearrange my house as my oldest has just left home and part of my journey with Jesus is to declutter my home, thank you it reminded me that the burden is light – now I will ring a friend to help.

    Blessings Helen

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