Nikon or Canon?

I need your input.  In the next month or so I am making a very exciting, much needed purchase!! In the last year and half I have shot all my work with a Canon Rebel XT and love it, but I am curious to find out if the grass is REALLY greener on the other side.  The ultimate test is for me to wrap my hands around a Nikon…to see if it fits, BUT I DO value your opinion…so give it!!

Nikon D60


Canon EOS 4oD



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3 responses to “Nikon or Canon?

  1. I wish I could help but I use a Sony WS-80 Point and Shoot that I LOVE. Russell researched cameras before we bought mine and he seems to remember Nikon being preferable. We didn’t buy one like that because I knew I would never carry it with me anywhere and actually use it. Just some thoughts!

  2. Daley would say Nikon…..ALL THE WAY…….I love my Cannon…..but I love the colors that daley and dylan have with their Nikons……if I had extra money……I would go buy myself I Nikon… I could have both……smile…..

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