Freshman year of college I “found myself”.

I questioned…I searched and I sought out the very voice of God. I KNEW who I was…finally. I actually looked down and pitied the ones who had yet to find themselves. I had it all figure out. I knew WHAT I would be when I grew up…I knew WHO I would marry, and I knew WHERE my life was headed.

Oh sweet and naive child.

5 years later and I’m still learning who I am.

5 years later and I have NO idea what I want to be “when I grow up”, still single with zero prospects, and I don’t CARE where my life is headed as long as it’s aligned with God’s will.

5 years later and I realize that with every season of my life I evolve and change…hopefully for the better.


When did YOU think you had it all figured out and how much has it changed?



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  1. you’re right. there isn’t a time you figure it all out. especially for the christian. according to proverbs 16:9, “the heart of a man plans his ways, but the LORD establishes his steps.”

  2. los

    yes Dana! If you could pick her up. I’ll be home to get her by the time joy told me. Call me tomorrow

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