For Heather and Carlos…

As most of you ragamuffinsoul readers already know, Heather left Carlos to play solo parent for 1o whole days with sweet little Sohaila. It is my job during her little vacation to rescue Sohaila from the bus stop. So you may be wondering, why did I just say “rescue her from the bus stop”? Well, let’s just say it is a soccer mom world out there. It was SO scary. I’ve never been SO up close and personal with so many soccer mom’s…who by the way didn’t speak a word to me. Maybe my large sunglasses intimidated them? Whatev…you gotta rock out when you can.

These pictures are mainly for Heather…so she can see that her little sugar muffin is in good hands (at least with me!!). In all honesty,I think Carlos will do great this week. You guys should encourage him…offer to cook him dinner or something…maybe clean his house. 🙂

P.S. If you ARE a soccer mom, please do not be offended by my witty banter.  I’m sure one day I’ll be a rock star mom.  Take it lightly.



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2 responses to “For Heather and Carlos…

  1. LOVE IT! Thanks! It makes me miss her! H

  2. Lita aka Grandma

    Thank you for giving Carlos and Heather a hand. I met you while picking up Seanna at Buckhead. I love the pictures. Carmen W.

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