My love has returned….

Music has been on the back burner for a while now…

I needed it to sit and simmer while I worked on some more important “things” in my life.  Now that those “things” are under control, I find myself pouring my soul back into music. Oh how I missed it!  I miss my late night jam sessions with me….myself…and I.  I miss scrounging around to find a piece of paper to jot down an idea for a song that tip toed into my mind.  I miss how my soul comes alive when I sit down in front of a piano or pick up my guitar.  I miss singing songs from my heart to the most important One in my life.

I feel so refreshed.  My fingers are on the verge of bleeding.  I refused to stop playing last night and today I suffer (totally worth it, by the way).

THIS is what I was created to do.

What makes YOU come alive? 


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