Another one bites the dust…

My circle of best friends includes Tanner, Lindsey, Jessica, Kim, Ashely, Nikki, Christy and of course me. We have all been bff since our freshman year of high school (8 years and still going strong). It’s been SUCH a crazy journey to watch each of them grow into the women God created them to be and THEN watch God drop their special “someones” into their lives…

First it was Tanner. She met Rich right after leaving Lee (where we went to college). They were married within a year and they now have a sweet baby boy named Brody.

Next…Lindsey. She met Brent in September and they were both pretty certain right away that they were getting married. They got engaged THIS past weekend and are getting married September 27th! They have such a great relationship and are going into full time ministry together when they get married.

I believe the next one will be Jessica and Jake… They have been dating a little over a year. Jessica is like artistic…passionate about life, but scared of commitment. Jake is someone special. He treats her SO well and she feels safe to love him…it’s beautiful. He is a musician and she is a painter and photographer (very sweet combination) . After they get married they will more than likely end up in Africa (they both have a passion to help AID victims in poor countries)….oh yeah…she’s a nurse too!

Who remains:

Kim (loves working with youth….lives in CO right now interning under a youth pastor).

Ashley (last year of college- loves people….helping and healing)

Nikki (HUGE heart for missions and working with youth…panning her way through school…almost done)

Christy (Gradating from Sanford in May and is on staff with campus outreach for 2 years)

Your’s truly…me (hairstylist and nanny -huge heart for homeless people and seeing people being delivered out of bondage…muscian)

So what’s YOUR prediction? Who do YOU think might be next?



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2 responses to “Another one bites the dust…

  1. I’m believing for you, my friend,…….when you least expect it……..remember?:)

  2. Nikki Lanzo

    I am believing for me, since I am the oldest out of the bunch.

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