Some churches are OVERRATED

Yesterday I decided to try a new church on Easter with my family.

We arrived just before ten and left a little after 12:30. You heard me right folks, 12:30 pm for ONE service…and it proved to be pointless every minute I was there. In the 2 1/2 hours I sat in the sanctuary we worshiped for an hour (3 songs…for ONE hour…over and over and over), the pastor read 4 verses (which he didn’t even talk about) and I got my yearly dosage of denominational church bashing. Apparently because I grew up baptist I am “going to hell” and “don’t understand the resurrection” at all. Bitter-sweetly, my little brother (who refuses to step foot in a Church) LOVED it and wants to go back next week. Luckily, my home church…Trinity Vineyard (in Down town Atlanta) was my saving grace. I spent the afternoon with my family and the latter part of the evening at my favorite church family.

How was  YOUR Easter?



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4 responses to “Some churches are OVERRATED

  1. I know this is a month late but I just wanted to say thanks for supporting us in Uganda. It was great to know we had friends out there praying and there for us. I just wanted to say thanks.

    hey are you free tomorrow around 9:30-11? I will pay you what I owe you and some. H

  2. Jared

    Lol, Churches are led by people, and some of them do funny things. Check this out.

    Cracks me up!

  3. Had to add a link to my blog.

  4. haha…my pastor totally talked about this in our class sunday! funny.

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