“Higher” aspirations

I guess you could call me an artist.  Anything art related I can normally comprehend and eventually do in a matter of hours.  Unfortunately, there is a really athletic girl inside of me that wants to come out to play, but I’ve held her hostage while perfecting my arts (…well…not perfected…but you know what I mean).  Sports with balls scare me.  They always have.  For some reason standing in a stationary position waiting for  a ball to be kicked or thrown my way seems a bit ridiculous to me.  However, extreme sports seem to be calling my name lately….particularly rock climbing.  How rewarding it must be to man handle a rock, make your way to the top and bask in the goodness and beauty of God’s creation.   One day I WILL be called an Athlete.  You just wait. 🙂



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2 responses to ““Higher” aspirations

  1. You are so funny…..I am with you, girl, about the whole sports with balls…..rock climbing…..my 3rd and 4th son love it…..we have alot of indoor rock climbing places in So Cal…..and Joshua Tree near Palm Springs for the “real thang”……See……I’m still trying to entice you to come out our way……we will show you some real guy fun…..for sure! But I’d have to lose those last few pounds before you saw my butt in a harness……how vain is that……Hugs to you….call you soon!

  2. Yeah…I’m with Mom…there is no way in hell you would get me in a harness trusting somebody til I lose a little poundage. That’s the main reason I don’t like roller coasters as well.

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