Shaking what my mama gave me

I went out dancing tonight with 2 of my girl friends and their husbands (yes, I drove the car as the 5th wheel).  Anyway, I wore a BIG, FAT FAKE engament ring so that stupid club hopping boys wouldn’t dance with me.  IT DIDN’T WORK.  For some reason the big diamon ring worked as a luring device to call every “the grass is greener on the other side” man to my attention.  Ew…gross.

The idea of going out dancing always seem so fun…until I get there.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a DANCING machine, but I feel so bad…looking around at everyone so drunk they can barely walk….hooking up with random people.

SEX SHOULD BE SACRED…but it’s not anymore….atleast to a lot of people in this shot out world.

It’s 3:36 am and I’m starting to get sleepy…finally.  I’m going to bedy by.




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2 responses to “Shaking what my mama gave me

  1. It makes me think…what would a club be like without all the drunkies? It really can’t imagine it…isn’t that sad? And I imagine that this club would be pretty uneventful….and I think that’s even more sad.

  2. should I have said sadder….more sad…sadder…more sad….I’m sticking to more sad.

    Is there an english major in the house?

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