Just another pretty face…

My roommate Katie

wrote a blog today about having a “pretty face”.  I thought it was pretty funny…and so true, so enjoy!

The most common, most annoying phrase that every overweight woman hears is, “you have a pretty face.”

There is a strange phenomenon that occurs whenever someone says the phrase, “pretty face.” Although science has never actually been able to prove this occurrence, many have reported a change in the somewhere between the cerebellum going directly to the limbic system that actually turns the phrase being spoken (i.e. “pretty face”) into the not as flattering phrase, “fat ass.” Although there have been thousands of reports of this phenomena, the phrase is continually used, mainly to the overweight (and predominately female) population as some sort of complement. As if complementing the thinnest part on that person is not enough of a hint.”

Think again before you tell a girl she has a “pretty face”.



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