Anxiety attacks again

Saturday night

I was in bed… laying peacefully all wrapped up in my warm, soft down comforter. The room was cool and the serene sound of my box fan surrounded me. I began my evening prayers, but they were somehow different than before. I felt my spirit connect with Gods again…it had been a while since that has happened. I earnestly began to pray…I felt like I was in communion with Jesus…true communion. I felt such peace transcend over me…and then it happened.

Anxiety reared it’s angry head at me AGAIN.

It was clear that I was in the midst of spiritual ware far when I was quickly reminded that I had been praying for my relationship with God to be rekindled. I do believe there is a battle around us…angels and demons fighting. I am happy to say, 3 hours later (yes…3 HOURS LATER) the angels won…I won. I didn’t give in and run away to my moms like I normally do. I stayed in bed…I prayed. I prayed through the dizziness. I prayed through the nausea. I prayed through the cold chill that filled my room. The only conclusion? Satan wants me to fall…wants me down and afraid so that I cannot fulfill what God has called me to.

“Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy but I (Jesus) come that you may have life more abundantly”-John 10:10-11

Have you had a time in your life where you felt like you were in the midst of a spirit battle? I want to hear about it!



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2 responses to “Anxiety attacks again

  1. Hey,

    Spiritual warfare is something I’ve often chickened out on-perhaps I’d fight on behalf of others, but when my own demons haunted me, I’d clam up in a shell and cover my ears, or just give in to the propaganda they’d feed me. A few sweet times, I actually rose up in the strength of the Lord and won. I found that when I fully submitted to God in confidence and resisted the devil from that position, a lot of my fear went away and victory came quickly.

    It’s been good to catch up some on your blog Dana. And I look forward to visiting you sometime down in Atlanta.


  2. Hey friend, this sounds like a place im in too. So overwhelmed by discouragement, beating into submission before the world, yet never unable to pray. Hope your well. If your interested gave me a word on this on my blog, maybe God has something for you in that. Peace be on ya. We will talk soon.

    – Jared

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