The birth of me… my 23rd birthday.  23 is a weird age…still early 20’s…still trying to figure things out.  I feel so disconnected.  I feel like my sense of community has somehow escaped me.  I’m ready for a change…I’m ready to leave Georgia and go on a new adventure… Africa..Greece…maybe Isreal.  It’s so hard to stand still when your insides are racing…longing to serve the Nation(s)…longing to see people from all over the world experience Jesus…experiencing the power of the resurrection in their own lives.  My heart still beats for music. I know that I know that I KNOW that it is God that put that deep desire in me…forever.  We were created to worship…created to have communion with God in the most intimate way.   When I think about the opportunity…that God has given me…to usher people into his most precious throne room I am seriously moved to tears.  Why me?  Why has He choosen me?  I often struggle with a sense of self worth (I guess as most women do) so it’s sometimes hard for me to grasp the love that God has for me…His bride.  To know that He see’s me as a beautiful picture of purity…walking toward him…unbelievable.

Today…as I sat down to play guitar…an old song crept into my head…I can’t move past it today…it is my hearts cry for this upcoming year…

Lord I want more of You
Living water rain down on me
Lord I need more of You
Living breath of life come fill me up

Lord I want more of You
Living water rain down on me
Lord I need more of You
Living breath of life come and fill me up

We are hungry
We are hungry
We are hungry for more of You
We are thirsty, oh Jesus
We are thirsty for more of You

Lord I want more of you
Holy Spirit rain down on me
Lord I need more of you
Living breath of life come and fill me up
What is YOUR heart cry?

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  1. don’t you just love blogging? it’s so encouraging to read about other people’s passions. i stumbled upon your blog through the lovely art of blog hopping and I read this blog first. I love reading about people’s “heart cry”. Everyone’s is different and everyone’s is reflection of God’s heart cry and personality. It sounds like God has really given you a gift. I would love to say that leading worship was my gift, but i’m afraid I would have to be able to sing for that to happen!

    My heart cry is to see the youth of this world come to have a real, gut wrenching and contagious relationship with the Lord. For them to build a solid foundation on God’s word that will sustain them through highschool and the college years where so many get lost in trying to figure things out. My passion is that they would figure things out by knowing WHERE to figure things out. I am currently on youth staff at my church and working hard to get into these kids hearts and into their trust circle. The problem is, working a full time job and being married doesn’t allow you tons of time to invest. It helps me to understand what Paul was talking about when he said it’s easier in ministry not to marry. But luckily my husband is just as involved as I am so that makes it somewhat easier!

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