All Natural and loving it

As most of you know my recent hair color was black and hot pink (neither natural!)…

This weekend I got a wild hair and decided I wanted my hair back to it’s natural state…boy was THIS A PROCESS.

Thursday I used a color striper…which lifted out SOME of the black

Friday I used ANOTHER color striper…and it got rid of all the black…all the while the pink became brighter than ever…

Saturday I bleached out the pink for 1 1/2 hours…for the blonds out there…that is  A LONG time to have bleach on your hair…the pink hair did NOT budge….

Saturday night I decided to cover the pink with a dark brown…(why I didn’t do this earlier…I don’t know)…and BOOM…my hair was back to it’s childhood….

I like it.  I think it makes me look sweeter.  The black hair makes me look so harsh and mean…at least that is what my mama says.


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One response to “All Natural and loving it

  1. that color is gorgeous! I, like you, have been obsessed with changing my hair color constantly, but for the past few months I have just left it dark and I really like it. It makes me look classier 🙂 I was in cosmetology school for awhile and I saw the damage that can be done to your hair with all the color so I finally gave mine a break!

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