Why I LOVE my job…

I walked into work this morning to find a birthday present lingering…waiting for me to open.  It was a weird shaped box, and I had NO idea what was inside.  Much to my surprise, it was a book full of “adventures” I have had with the kiddos and a good bit of my photography.

The front cover read: Our Favorite Dana Days (Adventures with Two Phenix Kids)

The Inside Cover: (My picture) All of these pictures come from the eye of Dana Michelle .  They are chronicle parts of her “day job,” but reflect just a little bit of her vast creativity.

First page (the one that made me a little teary-eyed):

Thanks for being patient, kind, and loving even when it wasn’t easy.  Thanks for tracking our growth in so many incredible pictures (we feel like stars).  Thanks for modeling faith in God, infatuation with the Word, and a heart for those in need.  Thanks for teaching us to be hip and eat our vegetables!  Thanks for singing, dancing, and laughing with us.  Thanks for drawing chalk towns, building forts, and teaching us Spanish.  Thanks for all you’ve done for almost two years!  God is using you to make us into the woman and man that HE wants us to be.  We love you!!!  -Ellie and Josh  Happy Birthday

Isn’t that the coolest gift even?  I LOVE IT!!  It is by far one of the BEST gifts I have EVER received…ever!


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  1. How special to be described like that……lucky!!!!

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