New digs – New Music

Today is officially Friday… (Tuesday for most)…but my week is over! Oh, the sweet sounds of nothingness for 5 says-I’m stoked.

My happy butt will be spending 2 hours everyday in the gym the rest of the week…I fell off the bandwagon this weekend and I don’t think my nutritionist is going to be too happy!  I hate when I do this…

On a happier note, I’m recording some new music on Thursday evening.  Stephen and Matthew are coming over….I’m not setting any expectations for this recording session…I really just want to sit around with some friends, play some music…worship Jesus and hope that the passion that we feel inside is somehow conveyed through the music we record.  We shall see!

What are YOUR plans for the weekend?


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One response to “New digs – New Music

  1. Hey Dana. Thanks for commenting over at I want to meet you. I’m a musician too. I saw those photos of your many acoustics. I’ve recorded a solo album that you can download at, check it out.

    Let’s meet when I get back from Kenya in July.

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