My heart doesn’t feel anymore

I’m a “wear my heart of my sleeve” kind of girl, but recently it seems something is wrong with the ol ticker.  It has been 2 years since I have “liked” a boy!  What the crap? I started thinking about this tragedy-blessing the other day and came up with a few conclusions:

1. My heart is not working and can’t realize a good thing when I see it

2. There are NO boys within my reach that I would actually date and/or want to

3. I’m destined for singleness for the rest of my life…therefor God has removed my desire to mate (yes….I totally just made that reference).

I mean…it’s not like I’m looking for perfection…or am I

I just want those butterflies in my tummy, that lump in my throat, my heart beating out of my chest…is that TOO much to ask for?  No one has done that to me in a while… do you think my heart is “broken”?

How do I fix it?!!?


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  1. Hey I came to your blog through Los’ a while back. I actually just read a good article on this same thing.

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