Season’s change, but apparently I don’t

I had one of my favorite things happen; I found an old journal.  As I panned through it a few things jumped out at me. 1) I still stuggle with the SAME few things 2) My life has not progressed at all.

I’m still a nanny, still longing to be out of the country, still struggling with my weight, still “waiting” on God’s direction, still “dabbling” in music, still going to Trinity Vineyard, and I still miss community.  i’m sick of the “stills” I’m ready for the “and’s…” and “am doings”.  I am a creature of change.  I long for it.  Everything in me loves and craves change.  I rearrange my bedroom furniture and constantly change decorations so that it doesn’t sit idol.   Is God trying to teach me something?  I BEG to be ripped from my comfort zone, yet God has me basking in it.  I wish I understood!




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2 responses to “Season’s change, but apparently I don’t

  1. oh wow, this describes exactly where I am right now…

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