Housing Update: YOU HAVE TO HEAR THIS!!

Ah, God is ALWAYS such an amazing provider! Less than a week after I found out my roommate was moving away, I was approached by a friend who encourages my soul…and sharpens my spirit…to be my new roommate. This girl (Ms. Rachel Bos) is so unbelievable! God knows exactly what he’s doing…of course! I am SO excited to live with a fellow worship leaders…certainly someone who helps hold me accountable in my walk the the Lord. Without a shadow of a doubt, God’s hand is right on top of things(as always). We are moving to a lovely, posh apartment that is pretty much BRAND NEW…which is a HUGE step up for me…since my last apartment was constructed in the early 70’s!! On top of that…I have THE coolest story EVER to share…

I sleep on a little bitty twin size bed…and it’s falling apart. Sad story I know. About a week ago I was chatting with some friends and I said, “You know…I really need a new bed. I want a nice queen mattress set. I can’t afford it, but I am believing God for one…God, I am asking for a mattress….a queen mattress”. We all giggled and the conversation changed over to discussing hair.

20 mins or so later a new friend/client came over to get some infamous highlighting done to her lovely hair. We talked bout life…love…God…but NO mention of a bed or mattress…until we were sitting in my room blow drying her hair… she glanced down at my old dinky bed and laughed. I smiled and said, “don’t hate…I like my bed”..and her response BLEW ME AWAY, “Well, I have a GREAT queen mattress set…and you could have it if you’d like. I EVEN have some REALLY awesome sheets”….of course I proceeded to ask how much….and before I could finish my sentence, “girl, you can JUST have it”. I threw my hair dryer down on the bed, ran to the living room and had to tell ALL of my friends how God JUST provided…literally 20 mins later!!!!

Friends, GOD IS THE ULTIMATE PROVIDER!! Nothing is TOO big or TOO small for our GREAT BIG GOD! 🙂


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One response to “Housing Update: YOU HAVE TO HEAR THIS!!

  1. Jessica

    I believe my words were “Girl, your bed is ghetto.”


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