The Pursuit of God

About a month ago I was searching for a women’s small group. I looked everywhere, but none seemed appealing.  A part of me thinks that somewhere deep down (probably the fleshly side of me) I didn’t want to connect with other people…maybe a fear of being rejected?   I recently read my friend David’s post about community and the importance of living life together,  It became SO evident to me that I was in his boat for a long time and still hold on to the side occasionally when the waves of community get too rough.   Anyway, somehow, God how (I know THAT doesn’t make sense, but go with it) I was thrown into leading one…based on THIS book.  I wasn’t sure HOW it would be…if I would be a good leader…if this book was good….if lives would be changed…if I was the right “fit” but it has been AMAZING!!  God has put together SUCH a unique, diverse group of women running toward the same goal- to LOVE Jesus above ALL else!  There have already been a hand full of you that have shown interest in joining our next group study, but hang tight…I’ll have details SOON!  It should pick up mid September.  I’m thinking (I’m praying) that we might venture into the land of the “gifts of the spirit”…which might lead to an INTENSE study- ARE YOU READY!?!

If you haven’t, Read this book.

Choose to live life with other people, God made us to!


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  1. whittakerwoman

    Any time my friend any time. H

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