How did you know that your spouse was “the one” or did you know?

I’m 23…clueless.  I don’t do relationships very well, so I’m THRILLED about your insight!



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  1. Honestly, I knew I loved my future husband and husband, but didn’t really realize he was “the one” until we’d been married a few years. I don’t consider that bad, just how it was. 🙂

  2. deb

    We didn’t know, but we saw a lot that was leading us towards marriage. So we slowed down (spent a couple weeks apart) and prayed and sought counsel.

    Can’t say we ever got the notion that we were each others ‘one’. But I didn’t believe in the concept of a sole person being specifically set aside. We’d both made mistakes in dating so we were a bit soberminded (almost to the point of cynical)… well, maybe that was just me. I guess I figured that if He gives us free choice in one of our most important decisions, maybe He’s not so specific in mates either.

    Anyway, my husband was a new friend who felt like an old friend and our bond was soul deep. So I had no choice except to marry him or become the president of his fanclub 🙂

  3. Hmm, I think it is a decision. I don’t think there is one perfect match. It just does not make sense, What if one person marries the wrong person. It would jack everyone else up. I think it is a choice. I love this man and I am gonna stick with him. H

  4. Amy

    (First of all, love your blog – very creative). I would have to agree with Heather…and had she not been the blog queen she is I would’ve said it first. “)

    During our pre-marital counseling I still wasn’t 100% sure he was “the one” (funny I know) but our couselor said something that has always stuck with me. She said, “I believe we CHOOSE our mate and God decides to bless our choice or not bless our choice.” And when you think about it, it’s true because what if something terrible happened, like divorce. So many people blame God for allowing them to marry the wrong person. But God didn’t marry your spouse, you did. It was your choice. And God may not have blessed it from day one. On the other hand, when something great things happens, we can rejoice in our choice and the peace of mind knowing that God blessed our choice. Does all that make any sense at all? I know I’ll never be perfect, nor will Mark – but God has blessed our choice and our union.

  5. I’m not really sure when I knew knew when Frank was the one. I knew very early on that I really really okay really liked him. more so than anyone else. And then I agree with the others. It’s a choice. You make a choice everyday that I am going to love this man. Cause let’s be honest. Some days, he’s not so lovely and neither am I.
    P.s I really like your blog

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