BiG (ok, not so BIG) date tonight…

I’m normally a little stuck up when it comes to dating-I know I know…SAD-but it’s not because I don’t think the boys are “good” enough…it’s just that I’m not ready to’s SO SCARY.  Yes, I have issues, now let’s move on.  A few days ago a sweet boy..excuse me, MAN asked me on a date and I said YES.  I’ve decided…what’s ONE date…it won’t kill me, right?  I mean, in retrospect it will be a good time to hang with a new *cough cough* friend…maybe encourage him a little…um and FREE dinner (well, it better be free…or I’ll BEAT HIS BUTT-I’m old fashion like that).  Dating in the past has been troublesome…so this will be interesting.  Want to see a picture?  I know you do!  He’s cute (park Columbian-yum)…and loves Jesus.  If he speaks Christianeese all night we might have an issue.

Our plan tonight is to have dinner and then come back to my place to play some music (he plays guitar…I sing…and KIND of play-ok ok ok-I SUCK at guitar  so he can play)…

If you’re lucky, I’ll give you details tomorrow.  And NO…those are not his children…:)



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2 responses to “BiG (ok, not so BIG) date tonight…

  1. So…?

    Loved your comment and the 1,2,3!
    Tell us was it a bomb or was he the bomb. H

  2. He is cute : )! Super cute! I hope you have a great night of singing and eating! I so wish all of those kids were his, wouldn’t you LOVE a ready made family : )!

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