Date up-date (finally!)


It went well.  Here is a quick run down.  Dinner.  Compliment on how I look (positive).  Dinner. Conversation (mainly theology…which is DANGEROUS on a first date…certainly when our views are not parallel…which they weren’t). Music.  No weird silence. No romantic chemistry (ding ding ding….sad to hear, huh?). He doesn’t get my jokes…and I tell them a lot.

The verdict of this date…. it’s a no-go for next time.  We’ve talked via text a few times, but there’s been no talk of a second date and I’m ok with that.

He is a GREAT person. He has an amazing heart and such a zeal for life.  He is compassionate and sweet. He loves Jesus above all else…which is SO important.  I would be HAPPY to set him up with a friend! (if you have the perfect girl…let me know)

Sense of humor is SO important to me…I LOVE laughing…and make silly comments a good bit.  If you don’t get’s not fun for me.  I like quick wit, you know?

I just didn’t feel that lovin’ feeling….and NO…I’m not going to give it another try…so don’t suggest that. 🙂

He is great….he REALLY is…but he’s not a good fit for me.  If you meet someone who IS a good fit for me…I won’t be offended if you pass him over my way…I swear I won’t.

I like intelligent, funny men who love Jesus and are easy on the eyes.  Who thought finding that would be so difficult?



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2 responses to “Date up-date (finally!)

  1. You know what? The joke thing is hugely important! If someone doesn’t get your jokes well, then, you have to move on! I am glad that dinner was good at least : ). Who doesn’t like a good dinner, right? I can’t wait to hear more dating debacles!

  2. Any new updates? : ) Hope you are having a lovely week!

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