Beauty in the Breakdown

Don’t you LOVE when Aunt flow comes for her monthly visit?  I swear to you, she is satan in the flesh (well, kind of but not really).  She comes to steal, kill, and destroy MY LIFE!  You may think I’m being a BIT dramatic, so what if I am, I have EARNED these cramps and this bad attitude! Ha.  I say all of this…not to gross you out…or to give you a weird mental picture of me, but rather to allude to something more important…my beautiful break down.

1 day a month I have a little bit of a pity party for myself.  You know what I mean, right ladies?  There is that ONE day…ONE Freakin’ DAY…when the world has come to an end because you feel fat and ugly…no mater what anyone SAYS or does. Well, yesterday was MY day (for this month).  It all started with an encore presentation of a Lifetime (now called Wifetime…seriously?) movie called Coco Channel.  For some weird reason, this movie stirred up all kind of psycho emotions in me…and I had a breakdown.  About what, you ask? I HAVE NO IDEA.  Most days I’m ok with my singleness, but last night I was CRYIING out for a husband.  I guess 1 out of 30 days isn’t bad.  I DO have some friends who cry out for one everyday and have for years.  You know, now that I say this out loud…maybe crying out for a husband is normal during “the visit”…because my body is like…”yo, homegirl…aunt flow comes to visit so we can make babies”.  Oh, it’s all starting to make sense.

Thus, there was beauty in MY breakdown…at least this month


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  1. I am laughing out loud……and I so agree with everything you just said…:) Love ya girl….me

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