“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”

Agree or disagree?



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6 responses to “QuEsTiOn

  1. kaleytaylor

    Haha… Oh this reminds of college. Why? Because I had it taped to my refrigerator! Oh, crazy college years.

    Anyway, as to whether I agree or disagree…depends on the day, honestly. Sometimes if I’m feeling (‘feeling’ being the key word) all skinny I’ll think that no food ever compares to how good I feel. But then other times (basically, most days) I love food that I think life needs to be enjoyed and for me, that means good food. Like right now? I’m craving some pasta! 🙂

  2. This is very true unless you are talking about my grandmothers strawberry cake…then NOTHING tastes as good as that. Calories be damned.

  3. Well, I don’t know. I think there are days when this is a very true statement.

    But most days – especially when I haven’t had something in a while – nothing tastes as good as whatever that is. The other day, I got Krystal Chiks…and I know they’re gross, but when you NEVER get a chance to eat them, they taste soooo amazing!

  4. I’ve never been skinny so I don’t know how it feels : ) but I do know that an awful lot of foods taste and FEEL excellent : )!

  5. Hey Dana! How have you been! I try to check your blog regularly because you always have great insight to share! God bless you this week!

  6. Hi Dana

    Hmm… I wanna agree with this! But alas, I am too fond of chocolate.

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