Oh, how He loves us

Saturday I woke up with a strange desire to hit up a Christian book store-weird.  I walked into Life way not really knowing why I was there, but believing it was from the Lord.  I found myself quickly making my way to the back wall, “Christian Growth”.  I walked.  I stared.  I walked some more. Nothing.  This journey felt so pointless until…I saw “it”. When my eyes met this study, my heart dropped and tears started streaming down my face.  It was the weirdest thing EVER.  I grabbed it from the shelf…cd’s and all and held onto it tightly. I read the title internal over and over “Anointed-Transformed-Redeemed”.  Why did I feel SO connected to this study?  I walked around a couple more minutes, but couldn’t stop thinking about this spiritual experience I just had reading this cover.  I made my purchase and barely made it to the car before I unwrapped the cd’s.  I stuck disk one in and went about my journey home.  Within the first 5 minutes I was balling.  I couldn’t seem to control my tears…my emotions were out of control.  God knew.  He knew this is what I needed.  EVERYTHING I had been praying about…all the discouraging thoughts I have had recently…my questions and concerns…ALL spoken about through the course of THIS study. Ah, I love how God moves and How He loves.   I literally felt the arms of God wrap around me Saturday afternoon.  He is SO good.

Now, I am praying that He surrounds me with some amazing believers that I can walk beside.  I need that desperately.  All of my close friends moved away…to different states and I am in need of some iron sharpeners.

Now, how can I pray for YOU today?


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  1. miss you sweet girl….thanks for the lovely note…..Dale gave it to me promptly from exiting his plane:) That’s a huge deal!!!! hugs to you!!!1

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