5th graders are FUNNY

My friend Jessica ran across a really funny e-mail that her cute little sister (who was 10 years old at the time) sent her 2 years ago with her concerns about Jessica’s new “boyfriend”.  This is the e-mail verbatim:

Hey Poop!  R u sure you and “Jake” r not 2gether?  Well let me know when you guys r!!  We r “just dating”-this is wut u said in your last email u sent me.  But if you guys r 2gether, please talk 2 him about smoking!  It may not seem like a huge deal but it could turn in2 1!!!!!! You say a phrases like, “if you are old enough to legally smoke than your old enough 2 legally die”, “there r cooler ways 2 die”, AND more.  But don’t let someone kiss you who is just storing a place 4 smoke in their mouth…to go in2 yours.  It could cause him cancer, or worse….DEATH.  I know this probably sounds weird coming out of a 5th graders mouth but also no doubt it’s better than it being smoke coming out of JAKE’S

This e-mail MADE my day.  I can’t stop smiling.


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