Jessica’s New Do

Until last night, I had never actually transformed a blond into a fiery redhead.  I was nervous.  See, when one tries to do such a thing…the client ends up with PINK hair!  I wasn’t sure of the outcome, but knew I had to face this fear.  I mean, if it ended up being a jacked up color it could be “corrected”, right?





Alas, I absolutely LOVE it.  It ended up being the EXACT shade of red that she wanted.  Doesn’t it just light up her smile and give her that “edgy” look?


On that note, if you need your hair did…you know where to find me!



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4 responses to “Jessica’s New Do

  1. OMG – I LOVE it! Great job, Daner!!!

  2. What a great color job! Worth the risk for sure!

  3. I love it! You are so talented : ). I think I would have to drive about 1o hours for you to do my hair but I am sure you would be worth it!

  4. mamirhi

    don’t know you but YES that red looks great on her! well done.

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