Yes, I am joining the 6 billion people making resolutions that will more than likely NEVER actually get resolved. Sad, huh? Here they are…(by the way…it’s the 6 and ALREADY I have failed. HA). But for fun…

-Wake up at 5:00am and be in bed by 9:30. Sounds extreme, but I NEED a consistent schedule. 2 days a week I wake up at 6:30am and the other 5 I sleep as late as I my sleep is ALWAYS thrown off. Not to mention…this will allow me to wake up..spend GOOD time with the Lord AND maybe get a workout in. THIS IS THE TOUGHEST.

-I’d like to be healthier (from the inside out).

-I want to go through therapy (if you know of anyone who is reasonably priced and GOOD, let me know) . I have some issues I’d like to tackle this year.

-Make some head way on getting out of debt. Those school loans STILL haunt me.

-Get involved in a group of people…who I can do life with. My inner circle moved away…sad, yes, I know.

What about you? I KNOW you have at least one?


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