I found a Church!!

As some of you know, I have been praying and asking God to show me where to make my Church home.  I have hopped from place to place, waiting on the Lords peace to come over me!  This morning it happend.  It began like any other Sunday.  I woke up grogy, rushed to get ready, and made it to church with 8 minutes to spare.  I sat down in the chair, waiting anxiously for the music to begin.  It felt natural to sit there.  I knew strangers were around me, but it felt like home.  The music started and the Holy Spirit came on…quickly.  My body became numb from head to toe and a cool breeze blew across my face.  I began to sing the first few lines of the song and I began to weep.  I couldn’t control it.  My hands flew up, almost as being disconnected from my body and I engaged in worship like I hadn’t in a VERY long time.  My spirit was in unison with the Lords, I believe, finally.  I knew at that moment that THIS was the place for me…atleast for this season. 

For those of you curious, it’s called River Stone in Kennesaw, GA.

Are you where the Lord wants you?



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2 responses to “I found a Church!!

  1. That’s so awesome! I love reading stories about people getting plugged into great churches. I’m happy you found a home.

  2. aharp

    haha..that’s awesome. i had a feeling you may like that one.

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