Last night was amazing. “My Church” (so WEIRD to say that outloud) has a once-a-month worship and intercession night called face-down.  The body of believers join together and pray and worship and then worship and pray some more.  Ah, words cannot describe.  It was just SO fun to look around me, to open my ears, to lift my heart…to see the body of Christ come together in unity with one purpose: To POUR OUT everything to the Lord…to WORSHIP.  It was beautiful.

Crazy story.  During the service the Lord gave me a word for a friend…I waited and I prayed, “Lord, it’s been a while since you have given me a prophetic word to speak and I’m not sure if I’m hearing you right…”.  Ah, but he kept speaking it over and over.  After the serivce my friend and I were sitting in the car and I just couldn’t contain it ANY longer.  I HAD to share what the Lord had spoken to me about her…for her.  I spent the next 2 minutes sharing what the Lord had shown me…both of us were overwelhmed.  I cried.  She cried. It was a very emotionally 2 minutes.  Everything the Lord had spoken to me during the service was the EXACT thing she had been praying in her heart…asking the Lord.  She begged for revelation…to hear from him about a certain “subject”..and that is the subject the Lord spoke to me about to share with her! I love how God works. A-Freakin’-mazing.

So, what about you…do you have a cool God story?  I’d LOVE to hear it!!!


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