For all my single ladies…

Ok, hear me out.

How often do you meet a cute guy (maybe even see him from a  distance) and immediately start daydreaming about your first date with him…your wedding…how your children will look?  Come on girls, you KNOW you’ve done it!  We have ALL fallen into that trap at some point or another in our lives.  It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt right?  It’s normally you, and for good reason!

Before we even MEET the boy…before he even asks us on a date, we form a “crush”.  We run and tell our friends how cute and sweet he is (at least he seems to be “sweet” from the 2 minute conversation we had with him that ONE time).  Ah, that is where the fun begins.  He has not shown any interest in us, yet we fawn over him.  We place unrealistic expectations on him to call us, pursue us, date us when we aren’t even sure he has interest.  We manipulate dinner parties, game nights, and all that jazz so that we can just “happen to hang out together”.  I mean, maybe if we throw ourselves in the same crowd over and over he will EVENTUALLY ask us on a date right?  Oh, so wrong.  SO very wrong.  From my past experience(s), men are pretty clear when they like a girl.  Well…most men.

In conclusion, I think I have an  idea to keep us from being heartbroken without probable cause.  What if we choose to see every guy we meet as a “friend” instead of a prospect?  What if we kept our gaze solely on Jesus until He shifts it to someone special?  What is we have ZERO expectation when we meet a new guy?  The what if’s don’t mean anything if you aren’t willing to get down and dirty with the answer.  A lot of times WE choose our heart break.  We set ourselves up for failure.  I have good news…all of that can change!


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